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Foundations of Motivational Interviewing


Total Online Course time is 17 hours (offered as four (4) - 3.5 hour sessions, and 3 hours of Practice and Feedback Calls)

This workshop focuses on building an understanding of the spirit of Motivational Interviewing and developing core skills, including using OARS (open-ended questions, affirmations, reflections, and summaries), responding to the way people talk about change, helping people to make Brief Action Plans, and understanding ‘resistance.’ Training, practice and feedback is required to gain competency in Motivational Interviewing, and this workshop is a more time intensive course to allow for further skill building. After the workshop, participants are invited to participate in 3 practice and feedback calls. Practice and Feedback calls increase trainees’ confidence and proficiency in Motivational Interviewing skills. These one hour calls provide opportunities for participants to practice skills in smalls groups (up to four trainees per call) with a Motivational Interviewing trainer. In order to receive a certificate, participants will be required to complete all 4 online sessions and participate in 3 practice and feedback calls.

The workshop was developed by the Centre for Collaboration, Motivation and Innovation (CCMI) and offers a standardized Motivational Interviewing training curriculum.


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