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Managing Stress - Powerful Tools for Caregivers

Join us for a Powerful Tools for Caregivers workshop and information session on Managing Stress. Caregiving and stress go hand-in-hand. Dealing with stress can be a challenge but it’s easier when you’re prepared. In this 1 hour session, caregivers will explore some of the signs and sources of their stress, understand the consequences of neglecting stress and learn effective stress-reducing actions. You will also have the opportunity to learn more about the 6-Week Powerful Tools for Caregivers Workshop and experience some of the stress reducing activities first hand. Choose from two versions to attend: one for adults caring for adults and the other for adults caring for children with special physical or behavioural needs. Don't miss this chance to empower yourself as a caregiver!  

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  • Introduction/PTC Overview
  • Challenges - Acute vs. Chronic
  • Managing Stress
  • Identifying Signs and Sources
  • Taking Action: Stress Reducers
  • Making an Action Plan
  • Relaxation/Closing
  • Q & A



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